Friday, November 9, 2012


PTV (Pakistan Television System) Exercises track are secured utilizing biss vital elements. As the prerogatives for telecasting the worldwide cricket suits in Pakistan are organized by Geo Greatly, so no different Television track can transmitted the stay cricket suits on satellite TV Television. PTV Exercises can just showcase the aforementioned suits on physical framework. 

The biss key of PTV sports is kept modifying during essential cricket suits. They are modified and only informed to the worried terrestrial systems of PTV. But you can still look for on the Online to discover the newest key of PTV Activities. These essential factors are first informed to the worried PTV systems, from there they are released out and are put on the Online for the cricket lovers.

Pakistan and Indian are the two discriminating nations with huge cricket lovers. Huge parcels of them exist in the towns and evacuated places where the support of wire TV is not available. So they are needy unequivocally on the satellite Television TV for audit the cricket occasions. that is why, in this post we are setting the freshest PTV Movements biss key for our visitors. Hinging on provided that you are a cricket fan, then you will disclose the most current biss key of PTV Activities here. Assuming that its not a lot of inconvenience recollect that the right to demonstrate stay cricket suits in Pakistan is composed by Geo Broadly. Gathering that you can secure the wire TV support, please use it to check out the stay cricket, as the anguished TV schema, the Geo Widely, may moreover be distinguished really. Gathering that the satellite Television TV is the unequivocally choice for you, then you can use the biss key to check out the stay transmitted of cricket on PTV Movements. Underneath is the most current biss key of PTV Actions. Assuming that its not a lot of pain not that the biss essential variables are kept conforming. Positing that the underneath nexus has been balanced and we haven't balanced it yet and you know the most current key, please talk on that key by leaving comments on this print. Much because of you.

 B2 E4 D3 CC F6 F7 A4 CC

4004 V 3333 PakSat 1R 38.0°E SID:0001         &       4090 v 13333 AsiaSat SID: 0004 V.PID:515
(UPDATED :31 January  2015)
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we are apologize  for removing the GEO Super Post as in National interest, i hope all Pakistanis would  shutdown Geo Super on their TV